The Artist as a Prophet

Ancient truths can be defined as "universal" concepts that mirror the most subtle laws of nature that govern our physical as well as our spiritual realities, that the Master "Artist and Creator", has left for us, to apprehend and absorb into our personal "quest" for the meaning and purpose of our lives.

During the Renaissance and the years leading up to that fabulous explosion of knowledge, artistic genius, architectural wonders, enlightened minds were busy producing and sharing their profound insights and revelations with their fellow man. Sometimes it was the result of combined efforts of secretive societies of artist stone masons and closely held communities called "guilds" that designed and built the monumental public buildings and cathedrals for the people, and sometimes it was through the solitary work of illuminated painters and poets and writers of the time.

Here at "The Great Skull .com" I will show and attempt to explain some of the most hidden and symbolic works that the sublime minds of that time have given us, to ensure the accurate transmission of knowledge that is so vital to our efforts today. We have a unique opportunity to achieve that same kind of illumination that they enjoyed even though they had to keep the literal meanings to themselves of fear of persecution by the sometimes ignorant elite that governed the people through the political and religious structures of their time.

Today we are the inheritors of that artistic legacy and we have the opportunity to immediately share everything of significance to our quest, with the marvels of the internet and the almost total access to the art treasures of the entire history of this world. In the words of the book of books "the seals are being broken", the ciphers and codes are being deciphered, and the meaning and purposes of the symbolic information whether through paintings, poetry, literature, and any other art forms.

As witnessed in the popularity of the book "The DaVinci Code" we are all interested in puzzles and mazes because they are a challenge to our ability to contemplate, meditate, and figure out problems of consequence and meaning. Our brain power is far deeper and far wider than what we ordinarily choose to use in our normal and mundane existence. That is until we are confronted with a challenge that incites or excites our curiosity. We all have marvelous and beautiful minds that come equipped with the power and the ability to invent, design and build almost anything we can imagine. The unlimited power of the imagination cannot be stopped... it can only be dulled through lack of use or because of the lack of a challenge. Given enough motivation the mind can create its way through the most difficult situations and combinding with others of like mind, there is literally nothing that is impossible. The best example of this fact is that of wartime.

During war, minds are forced through usually terrible circumstances to work in cooperation with others to achieve superiority over the enemies. Both or all sides in a conflict are faced with such awesome and terrible powers that because of the pressures put upon them they have to out think, out plan, and out fox their enemies. Inventions galore become almost a daily routine. Think about the incredible advances we experienced during World War II for example. In that short time of five or six years we invented, designed, created and applied a huge amount of new technologies that we take for granted today. Would we have a computer for example? How about the advancements in automotive engineering and air travel. Almost everything we enjoy today that has been produced in the last fifty years owes its existence to the leaps and bounds of war time invention and development.