The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull "Movie"

Putting the planet on “pause”

Here is a question for all of you with inquisitive minds.  What is the most controversial and mysterious object in the world today (Besides the Great Pyramid of Giza)?   Why of course, it is the Mitchell HedgesCrystal Skull.

     Just spend some time “Googling” this fabulous object d’ art-i-fact sometime. Notice the range of opinions all clamoring to persuade you of  it’s  bona fide’s and factoids you will discover, if you are a newby on the subject of this amazing object, that it is described persuasively, feverishly and excitedly as being everything from an extraterrestrial Easter egg planted here by aliens Oh so long ago, (in order to energize and catalyze our evolution out of the stone age to what we now have reached “The Stoned Age”).  Or, it is an artifact left over from Atlantis after the flooding of this planet by the Master Plumber Himself and, as a looking glass from Atlantis, it is a hallowed, crystalline library, filled with holy holograms and other much needed bits and bytes of coded and cryptic messages, designed to boost our spiritual immune systems for the final push (or Putsch) towards the great unknown and happy hunting grounds just over the soon dawning, shimmering and glistening and golden horizon.  Then there are those that insist that it is part of ancient Egypt's  legacy after Horus and Thoth retired from the scene, and after the pyramids were filled with the quota of mummies left behind to scare us into buying more movie tickets than we would otherwise.. today.

     Then there are the folks that claim it was somehow carved by a hand with loving fistfull's of sand, after hundreds (and more hundreds) of years of expert craftsmanship, by truly inspired and dedicated  artist and priests working intensely and passionately inside the Mayans monastic Temples, handing it down, reverently unfinished,  from generation to generation, with more patience and dedication and cunning and artistry than Michelangelo himself mustered up while beautifying the Sistine Chapel, lying on his back for months upon months of painstaking and diligent labor, all by himself.

     From  whence cometh these strange pieces (two crystals, the cranium and the jawbone)  of exquisitely shaped compressed silica?  By whom?, When?, Where?, How and for what purposes?, I might add.  If you can figure it out you will be the smartest person on this planet because so far it is only an awesome and beautiful quartz question mark, an enigma! Anyone that has the opportunity to see it up close and personal will certainly be awestruck by its beauty and its genuine supernatural, trance inducing, metaphysical and mental magnetism.

     What do we know for certain, if anything, about this miraculous; thing?  Here are some facts for your fancy in order for you to begin your speculations and deliberations to add to the mix of mostly  “unearthly” origins of this deathly and foreboding metaphor for meditation, magic and mystery.

     According to the man that revealed it to the world, an Englishman, premier non conformist and Knight Errant of the Order of British Intelligence,  F. A. Mitchell Hedges, it was discovered, in 1924 or so (some say 1925 or '26) in a weathered building block, giant Lego strewn , tumbled down, stony and steamy Mayan ruins  in what was then called British Honduras and now Belize.  Sir Hedges (I call him that because of his thick stack of credentials, multiple bullet wounds, world record holder of giant fish caught,  and life fully compressed with valor and intrigue and supreme adventure, plus, he owned a “real castle” in England filled with barrels of silver, precious antiques, famous and infamous guests, who also acted like and was not unlike the infamous English pirate and Buccaneer, Henry Morgan..sort of...